Satsang by Swami Amar Jyoti
Compassion and Courage
The Way of the Spiritual Warrior

Those are the greatest warriors on this earth who do not wield any weapons, who do not react even though they may seem vulnerable. Inside they remain still and unaffected.

We CAN DESCRIBE the goal in various ways: God-Realization, Self-Realization, Pure Consciousness, knowing Thy Self, reaching Superconsciousness, Samadhi, Christ Consciousness, Buddhahood, Enlightenment. The very reason that we keep taking birth is because we do not finish the supreme-most goal of life or lifetimes; we keep coming back to learn the lessons. If we erroneously believe that this is something to achieve, to work toward or practice—even though with good motivation—the goal will always remain in the distance for the simple reason that it is already here, everywhere and with everyone. One of the highest functions of the prophets, masters and sages is to remind us of this—re, a prefix meaning again, mind to be aware. They remind us that the goal is within us, not only there, not only then, but here and now. Otherwise you will wait for a particular time or place to realize your True Self.

Swami Amar Jyoti at Sacred Mountain Ashram, 1978 

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