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      If you want to become Enlightened, just use things as they are needed. Leave the rest to others. What belongs to the Light or Spirit, give unto That. Once you are relaxed and your mind is simplified, you will see that your capacity is a thousand-fold more. You will employ your energy in a very useful manner, for you and for others, which will do wonders. If you release your consciousness from things and preoccupations, it is a great power. Then your concentration will be inspiring, your work will be inspiring, your living inspiring and your company with anyone inspiring. You will become a Light unto others. So when you gather back your time and energy from misuse and wastage, you are using it in a higher sense. Your energy is more purified and your enjoyments will actually be more satisfying.
      I believe in enjoyments but to the extent that they can regenerate, not degenerate. If you come out of enjoyments regenerated, it is good. I believe in this healthy education, that the highest ideal is to meditate. What that can give you in wisdom or knowledge nothing else can. Do your duties and responsibilities willingly, whole-heartedly, not casually. If you do them casually you are keeping karmas pending. One day you will have to do them properly. Put your heart into it but do not get identified with it. This is how to release the mind. Treat others lovingly but do not get possessive or attached. Security is in the True Self and the Lord, not in attachments.
      The aim of life is to perfect humanity, and that is your aim. Simplify your heart and meditate upon the Light. Everything else shall follow. Enlightenment is not something that you can understand by asking questions. All other things and ambitions are distractions. Whatever you do, put your full efforts, consciousness and energy into that. The results may not be achieved but then the hand of God comes in. He helps those who help themselves. He does not help lazy ones. It depends upon where you put your efforts, how much energy and time you give unto your Goal and how much unto Caesar. For the rest He will help you, I assure you.

      There are two ways to subside thoughts in meditation. One is to choose an ideal such as Light or your Lord and meditate upon That. Patiently go on doing it. Slowly, in the course of years, your thoughts will go on dissolving. Another way is, when thoughts arise, suggest to yourself: let go, let go. This also takes years but gradually it happens. Thoughts are transitory phenomena; they have no reality. They will evaporate like clouds; you do not have to solve every one. In the beginning you have to hold onto one thought in order to dissolve other thoughts. But when only the thought of Light or your Lord remains, that thought dissolves into Realization.
     The life we live will produce reactions during meditation. Naturally, they are correlated. Whatever you achieve in your mind during meditation gives you results in your non-meditative times too. If you fail to let go of thoughts during meditation, you are going to fail outside. If you succeed in the meditation, you are going to succeed outside. It is a rehearsal. We call it a practice. Meditation is not a mechanical process. Therefore I am not for techniques only, because techniques do not give salvation. It is your love and devotion that open you to receive. Ultimately the aim is to meditate all the time, not necessarily with closed eyes but in whatever we do. You have to love the Lord to have a proper meditation, then other things will not bother you much. So train your mind to let go of transitory thoughts. This is the way to release your mind. 

2008 Teaching from the basis of eternal Truth, the message of Swami Amar Jyoti's Satsangs (Sanskrit: communion with Truth) is one of deep spiritual unity.  His way is not to espouse a particular creed but to impart a spiritual way of life.   He spent four decades (from 1961-2001) awakening and uplifting countless souls around the world to God-consciousness and disseminating the timeless Truth underlying all traditions and faiths.  Prabhushri Swamiji is the author of several books; over seven hundred of His oral discourses, illuminating the classical path for modern times, are available on CD and audiocassette.  This Satsang is edited from  Meditation and the Simple Life (I-15) . The entire released collection of Audio Satsangs of Swami Amar Jyoti are available on CD and Audiocassette. Please see the Audio Satsang Catalog at truthconsciousness.org or call us at 520-743-8821 for a free copy by mail.
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