All thought-vibrations, whether good or bad, are bondage. Jesus said, “Come ye who are heavy laden and find comfort.” Heavy laden with what? He was talking about the burden of thoughts and desires.


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      In essence we are Light, in which there is no death. This is not poetry; it is spiritual, scientific and factual. Fearing death has no meaning. Conquering death has no meaning either. Freedom from the very conception of death is true freedom. It is not by conquering nature, disease or death that we attain salvation. Ego, or unconsciousness, has to remain powerful in order to conquer any of these. We have an example of this in the epic, Ramayana. Ravana, the evil emperor of Lanka, had nearly conquered death through his yogic practices but he had inadvertently left a small door open for death to creep in. Indra, the foremost deva in Hindu mythology, knew that Ravana's immortality would be catastrophic for both heaven and earth; so while Ravana was doing his final ritual for immortality, Indra played a trick.
      The ritual had to be completed within a certain number of days and everyone knew Ravana was capable of that. He was a Brahmin, a yogi and a great occultist who had earned the boon of immortality from Lord Shiva by his austerities and meditations in the Himalayas. Ravana arranged the ritual to make himself invincible, sealing off the room and all windows and doors with guards posted all around the palace. But Indra took the form of a fly and hid in a corner. Ravana began his recitation of a certain scripture, which had to flow uninterruptedly throughout the ritual. And at a certain moment that fly, Indra, sat on one word and Ravana’s reading was obstructed. Ravana saw immediately with his third eye that it was Indra, but it was too late. This left the door open for Ravana’s death in battle with Rama, the incarnation of Lord Vishnu, who was born to vanquish this demon.

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