In the beginning you have to hold onto one thought in order to dissolve other thoughts. But when only the thought of Light or your Lord remains, that thought dissolves into Realization.


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      Ultimately it is love for the Lord and the Light that gives you salvation. Those who have love for the Lord will have no problem. He will help. If you want to grow in love of the Imperishable, shed your attachments to the perishable. Do not create or incur more debts or karmas. What we have done already is much more than we can handle. Face these and gradually let them all go. This cleanses the mind and purifies the heart. Then when you concentrate on your chosen ideal, you begin to experience true joy, which leads you to Oneness and immortality. All this is within you. It is not any philosophy that releases us; it is our own opening. It is in letting go, non-resistance and opening that we see rather than merely understand.
      All thought-vibrations, whether good or bad, are bondage. Jesus said, “Come ye who are heavy laden and find comfort.” Heavy laden with what? He was talking about the burden of thoughts and desires, the burden of worries, anxieties, fears, doubts, wishful thinking, willfulness, pride—such things make us heavy. There is no system in the world today that can cure the ills of the society completely except what the prophets and great sages have said. The solution is not in knowing much or creating so many techniques and systems. The wisdom of the sages is meant to fulfill and flourish life as a whole, including health, economics, aesthetics, talents and any faculty of the brain. The highest education is to meditate upon the Imperishable. It is not alone by worshiping the Lord that you solve problems but by following the Word in your life.
      If we go to God only when we need something, it will not solve our problems, nor will it give us good meditation. It has to be with the love of the Lord, very concrete and tangible. First you have to do everything for Him, not for yourself. He does not pamper egos. Do His will first and then He will fulfill you, even more than you expect. I feel that as long as we are avoiding the main issue of meditating upon the Lord, the Light, the Imperishable One, Krishna, Christ, Buddha, we will not attain salvation. We will remain caught up and trapped in the cobwebs of our minds. There are certainly moments of pleasure but those are fleeting. Life is meant to be a joy but that will not happen by wishful thinking. It has to be by meditating upon the Ultimate with sweet will. Then the mind loses itself and merges into That. Meditation is the key, the only key, to Realization. It leads to Samadhi, Oneness, Superconsciousness.


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