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      Do not be ambitious. There is nothing to be ambitious about. When we die, we do not take anything with us, so why crave possessions? Simplicity is a virtue. It is a waste of time and energy to make life complex. Complex life is drudgery. Make it simple and meditate. You will receive much more than worldly ambitions can bring. Ultimately all people and nations are trying to get the same thing but each wants it “in my way.” It has to be in the Lord’s way. Philosophy is an intellectual pleasure, intellectual gymnastics. Simplicity of heart transcends philosophies. It takes you to innocent joy and keeps your mind on the Lord, on the Light, and that is so attractive that nothing else will ever satisfy you again. That does not mean you are losing anything; you are gaining ten thousand times more. When all discussions and debates end, faith begins. This is not blind faith; it is born out of much thinking, analysis, discrimination, debating and discussing. It is born when we realize that these do not give us the answers we seek.

      An unobstructed flow of meditation leads you to the Light. You cannot go on filling your mind with worldly thoughts and also have peace. If we are ambitious about things in this world, when we sit for meditation the mind pours it all out. It is not meditation techniques that help you meditate; it is emptying the mind. Please remember this. By emptying the mind, or at least making it lighter, you will meditate better, whatever the technique. All techniques are good in their good faith. Achieve the Goal first. Keep your mind on one thing. This will show you how to live in the world. Do things as a matter of fact, not unmindfully, and then forget about them. What will you take with you when you go? When you die you take only your mind with you. It follows you everywhere! In your sleep, your dreams, your work, your travels, wherever you may be, your mind is always with you to work upon. It has to be simplified in order to have peace. Joy and complexities do not go together. The simpler we are, the more joyful we are. When you become very simple in mind and heart, you will laugh at all these things that have meaning for you now.

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