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      All analyses, calculations and reservations are beforehand. We could easily call these ego trips but the mind does not accept that. It thinks: It’s my legitimate question, my legitimate seeking, my legitimate reasoning. Can’t I satisfy my curiosity? I may give you the best logic, analysis and explanations but still you may remain unsatisfied for the simple reason that you have not seen it yet. And you will not see the Light while remaining you. You will see it when you are lost, when you are One with Him.
      Merging our separate identity is the ultimate solution. It is total, utter, absolute offering of oneself, where even the biggest temptation does not move you. When you are searching or meditating upon the Light, anything else should be secondary; then you are a true seeker. Otherwise you are making use of the aspiration for the ultimate goal for lesser things, simply because you feel that now you are a little higher or more qualified than other souls. That might build up your ego, pride or haughtiness again, and often it does. This is where courage is needed to renounce your sticky attachment to whatever position or talents you have. Many tests and temptations come along the way. But if you are bold, temptations will not touch you.

      We are tested in many ways at various times: our patience, forgiveness, love, tolerance and meekness. If someone offends and hurts us, can we still forgive, even if we are right? Do we stand on the Truth and by the side of God? When we are successful in these tests, God raises us; otherwise we are pulled down. In the name of devotion to God we can easily be egoistic. You have to watch yourself all the time. Be vigilant. Be very careful in all actions and relationships. Ask yourself: Am I doing this for me or for God? Am I using His graces and blessings to attract others to me? The path is very delicate. Those who are tender and gentle will perceive this delicacy and walk accordingly. But those who are proud and arrogant will use it roughly, grossly, in such a way that they will stumble. To reach the Light, we need humility, tenderness, gentleness and refined feelings. These are cultivated through practices such as yoga, meditation, Satsang, retreats, study, meeting with fellow seekers, introspection and autosuggestion.
      Don’t do for yourself; do for Him. This is the only remedy. All your thoughts, feelings, actions—your entire life must be for Him. Then only will you reach the goal. And that is your joy. Everything else will be pale or you will see everything as that pervading Illumination. Before that, all is temporary, transitory and fleeting. Do not get glued to such temporary things. Once you know the true nature of things you will not get attached to anything, not only because it is temporary but because “there are many mansions in my Father’s house.” There are more beautiful things ahead!

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