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In Vedic scriptures the spiritual path has
been called “walking on the razor’s edge.”
Walk carefully. The higher you go, the
more delicate your walking has to be.

      I would not say this if I had not experienced it. When you reach higher dimensions, this dimension will look pale. From that point alone we should not get stuck in our present consciousness but proceed to higher consciousness. We should not get stuck in the third dimension when by an evolutionary process we can reach the fourth, the super-man, where the third eye is open. Therefore we should boldly, purely and honestly give up doubts and resistance because those keep us in confusion. Let us evolve, unfolding like a flower, without impositions from outside. When the natural process of unfoldment happens, there are joyful moments and sad moments. But in this clearing and cleansing process you get nearer to your goal.
      The way of surrender is this: go on letting go, letting go, letting go within you. Neti neti neti—“not this, not this, not this”—until you reach Iti, which means, “It is This.” This is being not identified with or attached to things that are temporary, which is the perspective that will set you free. Use transitory things but do not abuse, underuse or overuse these things. Use them in a proper perspective. This is conscious evolution. Even if you are given position or wealth or privilege, you should use these wisely because there are many more mansions in your Father’s house and your Mother’s kitchen.

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