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      The more you are open, the more you see. All this is within you. Let it unfold naturally by meditation, yoga, study, retreats, Satsangs, devotion to Guru, service and so forth. Go on purifying yourself. Do not plan and project and assume and impose. Let things happen. When it comes from within with God’s guidance, it has a purpose and a mission. Ego’s planning and scheming and projecting may be just for ego’s own satisfaction; it may not do good to others. But if your heart and mind are purified and God or your true conscience is guiding you, then it will certainly be good for anyone. Ambition is not God’s voice; it is a human ailment. Take refuge unto God and He will make you what He wants you to be.
      Aspiration is a vertical movement; ambition is horizontal. Ambition keeps your growth flat on the dimension where you are; aspiration makes you grow upward to the next dimension. Aspire but do not be ambitious. Other things will take care of themselves. If you become greedy because of what God has given you, He will take it back. If you feel superior to others because of His graces, you will lose them. In Vedic scriptures the spiritual path has been called “walking on the razor’s edge.” Walk carefully. The higher you go, the more delicate your walking has to be.

      Surrender does not mean just your thoughts. It has to be your total being: your personality, mind, body—everything that you are. Then joy is yours; release is yours; you are illumined. You will realize that you had forgotten your true, ever-fresh, ever-new heritage. You do not have to live with smog and suffocation. What prevents you from breathing freshly? “Oh, I am waiting for God to tell me. Unless I get the voice of God I won’t do that….” You have to first be faithful to the Lord. God told Noah to build the ark because he had great faith. Others would simply have doubted or given excuses. “If He is God, why can’t He just save us without making me build an ark? Why can’t He just tell me how to go where the flood won’t be? He is telling all this jargon about building an ark and putting these pairs of animals in it. Why can’t He re-create them as He did in the beginning?” There is no end to excuses and questions. But where there is faith, God has only to speak and Noah responds, “Yes, I will do it.” People jeered and laughed at him—then what? He went on doing what the Lord told him.

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