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      The third thing you can do is to avoid complacency, what we call pramad in Sanskrit: “Since I’m remembering You the whole day, Lord, and You are in my heart wherever I go, I don’t think I need to close my eyes and look at the tip of the nose and just remember You!” Now in some few exceptional cases it is true, but that is a very high stage. Normally, as a practitioner and a sadhak, a seeker, this will be disastrous because when you sit in meditation that is the time you are concentrating more, consolidating your position more than you were throughout the day. Therefore meditation and other practices are very important. Sitting in meditation for one or two hours per day will boost the rest of your hours of spiritual living; remembering the Light through the whole day will boost your meditation and not disturb it. This is very important, whatever the results.
      In a sense, the life of remembrance and right association in itself constitutes dharma (righteousness). It should not look as if you are being ascetic or detached from society. That is a wrong understanding. Carry on everything you want but keep that memory of the Light burning. Although we are not seeing that Light within now, but one day—it could be today, tomorrow, after ten years or your next birth—one day that Light will shine. It will pop up not only because it is there, but because you are stirring or thrusting a certain friction on that point of Light in you. You may not be aware but underneath you are doing this. It activates that point of Light, the bindu, because you are concentrating on it in a corner of your mind. One day it will ignite that Light within.

      According to Vedic Sanatana Dharma2, what attracts you may not necessarily be good, but what inspires you must be good. If it were wrong or bad or degrading, it would not inspire you. If it is good, noble and uplifting, it will inspire you. Judge by that criterion. What attracts you is not necessarily right though it could be, because some noble things could also attract you. Not everything that glitters is gold but sometimes what glitters could be gold. Discriminate in this way. You have freedom of choice but how you use your freedom is your responsibility. Don’t think that God has told you to choose this or that. Many people use God’s name for what they want to do. This has become a real Kali Yuga3 pastime. They say, “God told me to do it.” For one thing, they didn’t see God at all, didn’t hear His voice, and for another, their mind was babbling and they call it God. Use your discrimination, your freedom of choice, for that which leads you to inspiration.

WHENEVER YOU SEE SOMETHING THAT ATTRACTS YOU, if you can control your mind at that time so you do not fall into temptation, then you will gain inner strength, shakti, which is very important. Once you invoke this inspiration or shakti, Divine Mother takes over from there. She remains with you, taking care of you and guiding you further. But please remember: you have to invoke Her. You have to invoke Her shakti. You have to invoke Her by denying that which degrades you. You may not be a perfect athlete or hero in that, but once you have succeeded to a certain point Divine Mother awakens. “Here is a good candidate,” She will say, and She will take you onward from there. She will give you more shakti, more inspiration, She will show you the path, give you more support and protect you from downfalls. But in the beginning it is you who have to put efforts because you have put efforts into the other hundred things in your life, have you not?

2 From the Sanskrit, Sanatana: “eternal,” Dharma: “natural law.” The eternal religion of mankind. The sustaining principles of creation,that are beyond dogma and creed and as ancient as Earth herself.
3 The Iron or Machine Age, an era of moral and spiritual degradation.

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