Moment to Moment Meditation


Swami Amar Jyoti

Seeker:  I’ve been trying to develop a pattern of habits that is more conducive to meditation.

WHATEVER PATTERN YOU MAY FOLLOW, YOU SHOULD FEEL RENEWED and refreshed every time you meditate. Doing the same thing over and over again is not what I call habit but doing that same thing mechanically. Each meditation should be joyful or peaceful or loving and inspiring. For this the right attitude needs to be cultivated.
      Let us distinguish between habit and creativity. Can you make any episode in life creative and inspiring? For example, you open a scripture daily—the Gita, the Bible or any holy book. Are you reading it mechanically just to finish by habit?

Or are you reading that scripture today as if you are reading it for the first time? Are you reading it with such open eyes? Is your thinking led away by mental habits or is it very awake and conscious? When you do daily meditation, I wouldn’t call it a habit; we call it practice. Practice daily, but make it something very renewed and refreshing. In each thought, in each meditation, in each meal, in each walking, in each talking, are you making the best of it? Are you making it so creative that each day when you sit in meditation you get up refreshed?

A fresh outlook is where you are not assuming anything is as it was before.
You are seeing it for the first time.

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