I wish one day that we might understand the true applicability of spiritual laws: that they are not otherworldly or apart from us but the most successful and fulfilling way of living.

THERE ARE THREE FACTORS THAT BRING OUT what we really are, the characteristics embedded in us. These factors are time, place and opportunity. Together these create a testing period in which we cannot hide our true characteristics. If one or two of these factors are missing, we still have scope to express or manifest the cultivated, habituated, practiced characteristics that make us look good. I am not against courtesy if it is genuine. Keeping a low profile is fine if we are really humble; that is to be admired. Otherwise, given time, place and opportunity, mere cultivated expressions will not come to our aid. Given those three factors, we show our true nature—not our true Divine nature but our human nature.

      Many things lie dormant in our subconscious. If actions and feelings do not come from the deeper self, our deeper being, if they come from the subconscious mind rather than Spirit, then we will always be vulnerable to exposure, to being other than who we project to be. Swami Amar Jyoti at Rishi Ashram in ManaliBecause of this, especially in modern society, we have what is called a split personality. We have lost our true identity. With all the good intentions of being brotherly and so on, when time, place and opportunity concur, then it results in a clash, disharmony or separation. It is very difficult to be the same inside and outside but that is exactly the meaning of simplicity, like a child who may do nonsense but is simple inside. Simplicity or simple-heartedness means that we do not have a divided personality. And without that quality of simplicity born in us I do not think we can ever grow on the spiritual path.

Swan Photograph: Jeppe Madsen/ Swami Amar Jyoti at Rishi Ashram in Manali, India..

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