Healing and Consciousness

God has already created all the resources we need, whether
it is for man, animals, trees or flowers. Then if we pollute our
resources, if we become impure, disturbed or create diseases
or weaknesses, we have to have remedies.

THE PRIMARY SOURCE OF HEALING is the inner strength within you. In Sanskrit it is written, Sarva roga ka aukhad naam: “The holy name is the remedy for all ills.” This is not just poetry; it is scientific also. The word of God is a source of power, a source for healing. If you can tap that and rely upon that, you do not need medicine. The Source, the Highest, is within you—the power and the word of God. As Jesus said, “Thou shalt not live by bread alone.” This includes medicines.

      Second most important is regulation of diet, rest, work and enjoyment; also the environment and the natural resources: sunshine, air, food and water. Of these, the highest is sunshine. Sunshine does not necessarily mean sitting in the sun but absorbing solar energy directly. It is more powerful even than air and water. If you cannot extract the energy or help from natural resources then medicines, that include those from plant or mineral sources, are third best. They do help in bucking up the mind and body for the time being. Supposing you are weak or unhealthy and you take certain medicines, which give you relief or improvement. Then you need to work upon yourself again. Do not rely upon medicines for all times. Take their help then grow to higher, more natural and holistic methods of healing.
      Health is an integrated being of your body, mind and vital energy. Your integral personality is responsible for bringing disease: your irregularities, indiscipline and indulgences. Therefore treating a disease locally is just temporary patchwork. It helps in a way by taking you beyond that condition so that you are able to build up your natural health. But if you want to avoid ill health, your mental patterns have to change. If that is too difficult, the convention is to bring in medicine. And when that fails, surgeries.

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