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PEACE IS AT HAND. JUST BE SIMPLE, the same inside and outside. Be honest, open, and love God so that you can truly love your fellow beings. Anchor yourself to your true Self and you will see that joy and peace are just in your hands. Stay on that one point: your Source, Spirit, Light, Consciousness. See that everything you do enhances your consciousness. That is the way life should be, not to go astray to accumulate or progress, but to raise your consciousness. Judge everything by this one factor: does my way of life—my relationships, my surroundings, my work and recreation—help in raising my consciousness? If materially that gives you much—or less—it does not matter because you are doing the best you can do. But if your pattern of living or any aspect of it degrades or corrupts or weakens your consciousness, then that is not the right path for you. If raising consciousness is our criterion for living, life will be heaven. Then if you have excess money, gold or buildings, it does not matter.

       To work for our needs is okay but not for wants. This may sound like non-modern or anti-progress language, but you will come to understand this truth in the years to come. Nothing that we call progress will ever protect us. No position or power that you cling to will ever give you peace or protect you at times of loss, of separation, of sadness or disease. And at that time you will also see that your self-image will not save you. But if you love God and if you truly love others, you will have consolation and tenderness inside, an assurance that nothing can trouble you. Therefore I love simplicity at the cost of anything else because it hurts no one and gives us peace.
       Love God and you will love all. If you are trying to love others first it will take eons to finish the game. If you love God you will automatically love everyone. You will automatically forgive anyone. You will automatically be open to others. They may misunderstand you in the beginning but eventually they will love you. Be simple-hearted and truthful. Care for the image of God and your image will be cared for automatically. 

2007 Truth Consciousness. Edited from the Satsang Living By Spiritual Laws (A-51), given on March 20, 1986 at Chetana Ashram in New Zealand.  This and the entire collection of Audio Satsangs of Swami Amar Jyoti are available on CD and Audiocassette. Please see the Audio Satsang Catalog at truthconsciousness.org  

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