No position or power that you cling to will ever give you peace or
protect you at times of loss, of separation, of sadness or disease
. . . But if you love God and if you truly love others, you will have
consolation inside, an assurance that nothing can trouble you.

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      We may not fear God at all—why should we fear Him? But we have to love Him. Without loving God, how can we love our fellowman? On what basis would we love others? If I say to love all your brothers and sisters, it sounds good but it is very difficult to achieve. The relationship of brothers and sisters is only valid when there are parents, and parents in this case would be the Lord or God, the Almighty, Consciousness or Spirit. Without loving the Supreme, how can we love fellow-beings? The proof is that in our world up until the present, with all the governments and proclamations and committees, peace remains a dream. We are trying to have peace, brother to brother, nation to nation, society to society, without caring for the joining factor: the One Who created us. Without loving Him or Her, how can you love your fellow-beings? Only by loving God can we truly love others. Love for all is possible because you love the Spirit the Light or God.
      I wish one day that we might understand the true applicability of spiritual laws: that they are not otherworldly or apart from us but the most successful and fulfilling way of living. It may not give you much money, it may not give you three houses, but it will give you enough to live upon. If you are not content with that, then naturally you have to have more. You have to entangle yourself in factories and industries that not only pollute the air but create more tensions, involvements and lack of peace. You sacrifice simplicity and peace. Look at the history of the nations. All are hankering for peace and defense at the same time and yet they are insecure. Do we have enough peace now that we have more security, more defenses, more prosperity and more of what we call progress? Are we more satisfied and fulfilled in life? On the contrary, we cannot be because we are going against spiritual laws. Greed has no place in peace. Aggrandizements and unnecessarily high accumulation of resources do not create peace. Materialism is horizontal progress, which is against spiritual laws. All this does not belong to you or me. We are trustees, not owners. It is put in our trust to use.

      We need to understand the material plane and that peace and fulfillment work according to spiritual laws. I feel that God has manufactured enough of what we need. We have to use His bounties and perform according to the role given unto us. Beyond that we are diverting from our goal and going astray. If I were to become greedy and try to accumulate more than I can enjoy, I cannot even take it with me after death. I am not just speaking as one person; this is a general theory: accumulation and greed are illusory and based upon ignorance. Man is trying to have something that does not belong to him and since it does not belong to him, he will never get it. Even if he gets it partly, he won’t retain it. Even if he retains it, he will eventually leave it behind. Therefore, it is an exercise in futility and peace does not come. Raising our consciousness is actually tempering the mind to come to its true reality.
      Civilized nations that have depended upon material progress eventually ended up in wars, always. History shows us that. Whether it was the Roman Empire, the Greek Empire, Atlantis, Lemuria or others, whichever empires or kingdoms have been built upon material progress have crumbled. Since such materialism cannot lead us upward in consciousness, it ultimately comes to disintegration. Let’s say if instead of two chairs you have two hundred chairs. What does it matter? If instead of one house you have ten, will it add to your peace and happiness? Eventually it does not. Why should I work for that? I should only work to the extent of my needs. The science of need is okay but not the science of want. “I should have whatever I want” is a very wrong belief. It is satanic. Everyone is busy getting what we want, believing that then we will feel happy, but that never works. However, if we work for what we need, that is fine; I don’t think God will be displeased. But if we work for whatever we want, our minds have to be busy day and night with it and therefore we lose our peace. This is how complexities have come up in human nature. As with nations, so with individuals; they also crumble eventually.

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