It is very hard to be the same inside and outside but that is
exactly the meaning of simplicity, like a child.

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I HAVE THOUGHT DEEPLY ABOUT SPIRITUAL TRUTHS such as simplicity, because for ages we have believed that they are not workable on the material plane; as if they only work on the spiritual path when you renounce and are cut off from the world. Decades ago I probably believed the same thing because we heard that either you live in the world or for God—“you cannot serve both God and mammon.” But over time I have discovered that this is not the fact. You will eventually find that what truly works in the world is in harmony with spiritual laws and what does not work is against spiritual laws. Spiritual laws are unconquerable, timeless principles for the material world too. I would add that the meek or simple in heart, not split personalities, are the ones who will ultimately succeed in the material world. The reason we do not understand how spiritual laws apply to the material plane is because we look to immediate gains. Greed and selfishness, our own ignorance and fear, make us less spiritual and more materialistic. Following spiritual laws may not give us immediate success but in the long run they will.

      To take an example, if a child is simple and innocent but does something bad, he may get a mother’s slap or rebuke but I have often seen that such a child is forgiven easily. The mother does not analyze that her child is being simple hearted but because he is inherently so he is forgiven right away after some reaction. For complex, split personalities forgiveness does not come soon. This is just the way psychology works. A bad deed by a complex person can remain for years or decades as a bone of contention; they are not forgiven easily even by their parents. Not that a mother or father thinks this way, but instinctively it will be so. The complex person seems to win the game at the moment or for some time but eventually he is the loser. Not only so but that person remains in fear, which is another weakening factor. After losing the way psychologically, we come to preserving our self-image by means that are not according to spiritual laws. The person who cares only for his self-image is the only one who cares about it and the only one who enjoys it. No one else respects it, actually, because it is not genuine.

Teaching from the basis of eternal Truth, the message of Swami Amar Jyoti's Satsangs (Sanskrit: communion with Truth) is one of deep spiritual unity.  His way is not to espouse a particular creed but to impart a spiritual way of life.   He spent four decades (from 1961-2001) awakening and uplifting countless souls around the world to God-consciousness and disseminating the timeless Truth underlying all traditions and faiths.  Prabhushri Swamiji authored several books; over seven hundred of His oral discourses, illuminating the classical path for modern times, are available on CD and audiocassette.

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