Who are our readers? Light of Consciousness readers are a select, mature audience interested in spirituality, spiritual practices, higher consciousness and care for the health of the planet and it’s creatures.

Responses from our Reader’s Survey indicate that:

  • All age groups are represented. Age distribution is roughly 20% below age 35, 20% above age 54 and 60% between the ages of 35 to 54.
  • 65% of the readers are women, 35% are men.
  • 20% have completed high school, 60% have a college education and 17% have both college and postgraduate training (over 75% total are college educated).
  • All areas of the United States are represented, from Florida to Alaska, from Michigan to Texas
    and also Antarctica!

Seekers Bazaar

Our readers enjoy the ads! Almost a fourth of our surveyed readers chose the Seekers Bazaar section as one of the most liked features in Light of Consciousness and a third reported that they supported our advertisers.

The interests of our readers are varied and broad. Books, music and cinema are favorite items. Advertising opportunities include items for the prayer and meditation practice, astrology, yoga, inspirational art, all health-promoting products and services (including therapy and coaching), environmentally friendly products, seminars, healing and higher education training, spas, retreats, and pilgrimage/eco-tourism.

Our readers expect the highest quality in articles and art and we invite advertisers whose aims are consistent with our mission to take advantage of our affordable rates. Please see our Ads & Specifications page for complete advertising details or visit our website at www.Light-of-Consciousness.org. Or give us a direct call. We invite you to advertise to our discriminating readership in our next issue.


The Light of Consciousness Ad Team

Desert Ashram
3403 W. Sweetwater Dr., Tucson, AZ 85745-9301
Phone: 303.459.0616 Fax: 303.459.0407
Advertising Email: ads@light-of-consciousness.org

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